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Fiberglass Door Finish – 85286 Chandler, AZ – W Musket Way

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W. Musket Way, Chandler  AZ, USA 85286

This 3 x 8 fiberglass front door was in the same condition that we find many fiberglass doors in the Phoenix Metro area. FADED! The manufacturers finish is just no match for the intensity of the Arizona Sun.   Look at the top edge of the door and you can get a hint of how faded this door was.

The solution was an aggressive cleaning of the firber glass door surface followed by the “ReCoatMe™” service.  From faded to like-new condition in just a couple of hours!  If your fiberglass door is beginning to show it’s age, click on the Get FREE Estimate link on the left side of the screen and schedule your FREE Estimate.

Quit living with an UGLY Door!   Schedule Your FREE Door Refinishing Estimate Online.

e Online!

Service: ReCoatMe™

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