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Front Door ReVarnish – 85284 Tempe, AZ USA – S Grandview Dr

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Front Door Refinish 9668 S Grandview Dr, Tempe AZ  85284

S Grandview Dr, Tempe AZ USA 85284

Clients wanted a darker finish on the interior side of the front door. We changed the color to exactly the color they wanted.  First we sanded the entire face of the door to be refinished with 100 and 150 grit sandpaper.  On all of the small detail portions of the door to be refinished, we used foam backed sanding pad, being extra careful not to get any splinters.  Mahogany doors are the worst for splinters.  Next a complete cleaning with a clean soft cloth dampened with paint thinner.  Finally we applied 2 full coats of marine spar varnish and this door is looking a lot better and protected from the Tempe, Arizona sun.

Our ReCoatMe™ is a good and less expensive alternative to our complete door refinishing services ReFinishMe™.  Both services can generally be completed within one day with NO MESS inside your home!

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Service: ReCoatMe™

Contractor: American Professional Services

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