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Door Refinish – 85048 Phoenix, AZ – S. 8th St.

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Front Wood Door Mesa AZ

Door Refinish Phoenix AZ

S 8th St, Phoenix (Ahwatukee Foothills) AZ, USA 85048

This 3′ x 8 flutted wood door was very dry and the original naturally blond door finish was faded.  Besides being dry, the wood door was in good condition.  The bottom of the wood door and trim had a couple of titanium stains.  The homeowner did not know when the last time the door was refinished.

With it’s east elevation, this door got the full morning sunlight.  Another 18 months and this door would have needed the services of a carpenter to replace some trim or maybe the whole door.  It’s sad how many door land up in the landfill! The objective was to stop the deterioration and of course make the door look better.

We started with a through sanding of the wood door and wood jam. I just love sanding all of those flutes in the center panel. After removing all of the dust, I applied two coats of marine spar varnish with a light sanding in between coats and in a few hours this front door went from a needy condition to a “Welcome To Our Home” condition. Our client was very pleased with the outcome and gladly gave us a big “Thumbs-Up” on our service.

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Service: ReCoatMe™ plus 2nd coat

Contractor: Paul’s Door Refinishing

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